How Anyone Can Thrive During This Economic Recession

imagesEven a blind man knows that our dear country Nigeria is going through a hard time. Perhaps, the best way to describe the present economic reality in Nigeria is “disaster,” because no one knows how long the present condition is going to last.   For example, the price of PMS [petrol] has gone up from N86 to N145. That is almost 70% increase, and that means everything in the economy will be affected because fuel is the life blood of the economy. What about the Dollar exchange rate which has gone up from N180 to about N500? What Can All These Mean to You? It means that everyone will be paying more for the following…
  • Transport
  • Food stuffs
  • Water
  • Accommodation
  • Electricity
  • Etc, etc
empty-pocketAnd the worst part is that most people who are doing a paid or salaried job do not receive a proportional increase in their earnings. Yet, they spend more. Unfortunately, analysts say it will take time to recover from this doom. Too bad! People are already losing their lives, exchanging children for food, and crime rate has gone up.     The Way Forward… While I agree that it’s tough and rough at this time, but opportunities for building wealth still abound everywhere around you. In fact, despite these hard times, some people will still create more wealth for themselves. And that is exactly what we should be interested in. What then should you do? How can I become recession-proof? If you find survival difficult in a harsh economy, how do you cushion the effect? It’s being said that “desperate times call for desperate measures!” What measures can I take   work homeA Top Secret Well, one thing that is saving several smart Nigerians, old and young is simply creating multiple income streams, not relying on just one. If you have not realized this, you may not find it easy to survive these hard times. I know what you are thinking… Let me guess… “But how is it possible to set up a business at a time when everything is expensive? Where do I raise such a capital?” If those are your worries, just relax. With the type of work-from-home business I am about to tell you about, you will not have to be bothered. Why?
  • You will not need an office space, office furniture, and all those office things…
  • You don’t even need a huge capital to start, and you don’t have to employ staff.
  • You will be trained free of charge
  • You will waste no time and money commuting to and from office
  • You will not need to wake up so early, except if you prefer to work very early. In fact, your alarm clock won’t be useful anymore
Here are the answer to some questions about this business opportunity:
  1. But What Will Be Needed?
A computer, tabloid, or a sound phone Internet connectivity 2. What Kind of Person Will Be Admitted for this Training? If you are on this page, looking for get-rich-quick schemes, pyramid schemes, MMM, internet and money games, betting etc, please leave. This is NOT for you. I am looking forward to training and working with only 100 persons, and they must be:
  • People who are teachable and ready to learn
  • People who have no excuse mindset. They are hardly successful. (The truth)
  • People who are willing to follow simple instructions and take daily consistent actions
  • People who are willing to invest in personal development and in their business
Click Here to register for free and fill in your application form. You will be contacted if you meet our requirements.   3. What Training Packages Will Be Provided? writing-examI would not like you to depend on me to carry out your business. So that you can be creative and take your business to any imaginable height, I will be delivering to you everything I know about succeeding in this business, free of charge.       The training package will cover the following subjects:
  1. General Business Overview and Procedures
  2. How to Set-Up and Design A Fully Functional Website (or Blog )
  3. How to Set-Up A Responsive Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages and other Sales Funnels
  4. How to Build a Responsive Email List and turn this to cash
  5. How to Set -Up Online Advertising that Pull in Daily Cash
  6. Practical! Practical!! Practical!!!
Part 1 will be done via our Official WhatsApp Group, while the remaining 4 Modules will be live. Place and time will be provided during the first training. NB: The training is totally free. No hidden charges at all. Any investment on your part will be used directly by you during the practical sessions to set-up your own system, and see it work, all by yourself.  Armed with the above skills, you will be able to make extra income, marketing from home. You will experience the joy that comes from customers running after you, not you looking for them. What Will I Be Selling? Using our online selling system, you will be marketing hot-in-demand health products online to hundreds of buyers, without meeting them in person, and you will be paid in your Nigeria bank account. How is that possible? You will soon find out. woman-nairaPersonally, I have sold products worth millions of Naira, but you know what? I have never met or seen any of my buyers in person. That must sound unbelievable, but it’s the reality. This is a Network Marketing business, but redefined by the online selling system to make life easy, especially for persons like me, who cannot be hawking or running after people to sell. If you hate network marketing business just like me, because of selling, or running after people to sell to, this system will change your mindset completely. What Is The Profit Potential? It is unimaginable, but depends primarily on your level of commitment. You will not be a millionaire in a matter of days or in one week, but I can assure you of 6 to 7 figure income with some level of dedication. There are proofs for the doubting ‘Thomases’. In fact, you will be earning in at least 2 ways. You will soon know them. One smart way to survive the present economic disaster is to “dollarize your hussle.” That means, earn income in foreign exchange. By the time it is converted to Naira, people will think you are into money ritual. Yes, the business pays in dollar,then converted to Naira into your Nigeria account. How Do I Join the Training? Click Here to apply. You will be contacted for further direction.    



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