What Exactly Is Online Physical Products Sales?

online physical products marketingDoes selling physical products online sound like one strange, abstract idea to you? If you’ve got just a few minutes, I will open your eyes to the untapped gold in online physical products marketing, a purely work-from-business idea Let me tell you a short story about how the idea was invented:

How the Idea of Online Physical Products Marketing Came

I have been an internet marketer for some years. Specifically, I focused on selling e-books and videos on weight loss. Some of my works include Nigerian foods to eat and those to avoid in order to lose up to 20kg of fat in 30 days. I also prepared informative follow-ups in forms of training and gave out videos of exercises anyone can do from home to enhance the weight loss process. I would put this in a well-designed ebook and video format with captivating covers. I would run massive adverts online, online physical products marketingshowing my offers to millions of targeted audience who would want them fast. People see the advert, pay into my account, and all I needed to do is, send the files to their email. Hollaaaaaaaaa! Job done.  The rest is “I don get alert, God win” And because this is a market that affects so many people, the sales were coming in steady.

A Shift From Digital Products (Ebooks) to Physical Products

Every smart online business man should always run a survey and find out what exactly do his readers want from him, how they want to be served, what problems do they look forward to solving via his newsletters? So, I did just that. What was my finding? Over 80% of my readers said they would prefer products they can see and use physically, either in form of natural foods or supplements, instead of reading e-books. In fact, some explain that they ended up dumping the information and the problems remained unsolved. Immediately, my brain was activated to ‘work mode’! I needed supplements that will solve the problems very effectively, and it must do this within 30 days or less. It must be approved by NAFDAC. And importantly, I will need a logistic firm that will do delivery to my customers’ address anywhere nationwide. That was a huge requirement, and there were several sleepless nights before the solution came.

And I Found the Solution

At last, the solution came with a fantastic product that does the job of losing so much fat. Instead of 30 days as I anticipated, the super-supplement was doing that in just 5 to 9 days. No side-effectdigital marketing, physical products marketing, online mlm, online network marketing, work from home business, NAFDAC approved With Fedex delivery nationwide And with huge commission paid per sale   All these were unbelievable, so I needed to confirm how true. But there was problem. I couldn’t test it on myself. You know why? With my size, any weight loss product I use will look like a suicide mission. Yes, I am already slim. So, what did I do? I got 2 packs of the product and gave it out to two family friends, Mummy Joyce and Anthonia.   They were both instructed to check their weight before they commence the use, and do so again after 3 days. Dear friend, good things speak for themselves. There was a loss of 6kg and 8kg respectively in JUST 3 days. In fact, Anthonia, whose wedding was a month ahead had to adjust her wedding gown. I needed no further confirmation.   Straight away, I sent out a broadcast email to all my readers, informing them that their request for physical products that can be delivered right in their home or office is now available. And that they only need less than 2 weeks to see results. Come and see response! I was bombarded with request and payments for products everywhere. Honestly, the sudden inflow of request and credit alerts got me confused. I was like asking myself: “Is this real?”That was how I discovered the hidden potential in online physical products marketing to hungry customers that are waiting to pay you cash! You can read about the fantastic product here

Fast Forward to Today

I have developed the same model of physical products sales to other markets or niches, not just weight loss. I now use online physical products marketing method for hot markets like diabetes, fibroid, infertility, premature ejaculation, blood pressure management, vision or eye management, etc I now run adverts online, show people what I offer, order for the products with my ATM card, and FedEx courier does the delivery nationwide. And the funniest part is that, I do all of these from the comfort of my room.   Don’t worry, I will tell you more about this powerful income machine in my next email. Just keep your eyes on your mail for my newsletter. And one last thing, feel free to drop your questions or comments using the comment box below. Have you enjoyed reading this article, please feel free to share with others.




  1. Thank, l have been hear of this product . l am interested to know more pls send me the part 2 of the training thanks again.

    • Yes. You need money to set up your blog or website.
      You also need money to buy and advertise your products online.
      For example, Facebook advert of $5 per day can be a good place to start.
      Don’t worry, that will be part of the training on the OPPM manual (www.nairaatwill.com/ft)

      But for faster result, there are other options you’ll get to discover.

  2. Hi Oguntolaj,
    Pls kind help in this regard to move from committing suicide to live a God purposeful life with this your idea on online physical products sales.

    • Suicide? Please don’t dare it, as the attempt only creates problems for our loved ones. I have found out that with the right information and commitment to the right course, life is not completely unfair. There are opportunities to survive and live a fulfilled life. Do not lose hope brother. Get the course and let’s talk. All the best.

  3. Thanks for the information. Can’t wait for the 2nd pat. Hope it contains info on how to place good advert, am not so good in online stuffs

    • Glad you are eagerly awaiting the other parts. Just be assured that you can learn the needed skills. And you will be assisted where necessary. Expect the rest parts.

    • It’s a decision you will not regret. For me, this is about the easiest and most profitable business I have done. Who says you can’t do better? All the best.

  4. Thank you for information, very interesting informative. Will be looking forward to the next part. Thank u

    • Glad you liked it. Yes, the second part will come as scheduled. just keep your eye on your email, including your Spam folder or Junk mail. Thanks for the feedback

    • There is no amount of assurance that can convince you. My advice is that you investigate my claims and make your decision. I quite understand the reasons behind your fears. We are all Nigerians, but not everyone is dishonest. I wish all the best.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. The remaining parts will land your email as scheduled-daily. If you can’t find the training for any day, please check your Spam folder or Junk Mail, as some important mails do hide there too.

  5. tanx, but hw much will i need to start up my business. anticipating to hv the second part. once again thanks.

    • The total start up capital is not fixed, depending on your budget. The basic requirements form part of the training you will get in your email for days 2 and 3. Expect them and feel free to contact me if there are other concerns.

  6. It is quite succinct and elucidating, inspiring , interesting and will be beneficial to me. I appreciate the manual as it is self explanatory.

  7. I’m all in. How do we start? I’ve been procrastinating this online marketing business for a long time now. Let me nail it this time.

    • Please get the OPPM course here at http://www.nairaatwill.com/ft and let’s start.

      I must make this point clear though: OPPM is not a get-rich-quick-scheme. It will not make you overnight millionaire. But it will help you a great deal and can change your life for good if you a patient and ready to follow the training.

      I hope this clarifying remark helps.

  8. thank u sir , but when is the part 3 going to be send and am loving all d info here ….. thanks once more sir .

    • You are welcome. the part 3 arrives your mail a day after you get the part 2. Check your spam folder or junk mail should it be missing in your inbox.

  9. I have gone through d second part, anticipating for the third part sir . Pls I will like to know when I should made payment , is’t after or before training….. Pls sir am not too good, concerning online things , cos I’ll need to be enlightening on it by u sir . Thanks one more time …..

    • Thanks for taking out time to go through the training. I appreciate that. Please note that you can pay for the OPPM course at any time. The only advantage in paying now is that the price goes up soon. Get it here http://www.nairaatwill.com/ft

      As to your ability in doing things online, I want to honestly tell you that you need to be able to use the computer or your mobile device to succeed in the business. But it is not as difficult as most persons think. The trainings we give are down to earth. If you can check your email, then you can understand it.

  10. Thanks for your patience and time responding 2 our qs.
    But let me ask 2 questions, is this 3 days free online traning didferent from the OPPM Course? And in your response to Christana, when we order for these products to sell, how wil the delivery be done since we wouln’t need to see them befor selling? I just hop u understand this last question

    • I appreciate your response and will like to provide the following clarifications to your 2 questions.
      1. The free training is different from the OPPM course. The OPPM course is a follow-up to the training and it is not free. It is only for those who love the concept of OPPM and would like to start. The OPPM course is a step-by-step guide to learn everything they need.

      2. Yes, you don’t have to see your customers before selling. yes, I have delivered hundreds of products to customers nationwide and outside the country without meeting them in person. This is how it works: When a customer sees our advert online and shows interest in a specific product or set of products, we simply go to the online store of our company and place the order in the customers’s name, stating his address and phone number. We make payment with ATM card. The company partners with Fedex courier and FedEx picks it up from there for delivery. This happens when the customer pays before the product arrives.

      There are some customers however who will prefer to pay when you deliver their products. Yes, we have those ones covered too. We have delivery agents in every city that we pay to deliver to customers in their state and pay into our account same day.

      I hope this helps.

  11. I thank you a lot, i been hearing about online business but i never work on in before, now i want to know what exactly the product sale in this business

  12. Thanks for that elaborate explanation, it really helped. I guess i wil hav a chance to ask other question during the OPPM Course. How much is the OPPM Course

  13. Good response and I like your gentleman approach but I will like to ask, is this online marketing not boring? Can’t I have everything (the training) from you and pay after? Is it on health products that are sellable? Is there any viable way of making money other than selling physical and digital products? And please, let me have the idea of the total amount to be paid to you before one can start making money online. Please if it is just approximation ’cause I am very, very poor! I still depend on relative and friends to eat!

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