How Do I Start A Profitable Online Physical Products Marketing?

online physical products businessSelling is a real business, whether it is done online or offline. But why do many fail in their online physical products business? Simply put, they do not understand or follow the right strategy. You can read my earlier post here To succeed, you must learn to set up a workable, automated, easy-to-follow system that is capable of bringing in immediate cash as well as monthly commission with minimal set-up effort.   What Should Be Looked For in A Perfect System This system must be able to achieve the following objectives, quickly and without stress:
  1. Get you a website (blog) that tells potential customers about your products, why they should buy from you, testimonials from users, how to buy and get the products shipped to their addresses, etc. This website serves as your spokesperson.
  2. Drive real people to your website to see your offer or what you sell. This is called traffic generation. Let me explain this part well because it’s key to your business success.
If you have the most beautiful products to market, and people don’t know about it, how much do you think you’ll make? No dime comes in. online physical products marketing requirementsIt is exactly as Steuart Handerson Britt puts it clearly: Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does   But imagine a system that brings just 100,000 unique visitors to your website every month. Let’s say that just  2% of these visitor buy your products. (This percent is the least I expect you to get though). How many sales will amount to? Simple Arithmetic says 2/100*100,000=2000 sales. If you make a profit of just N5,000 per product (which is small, because some of my products make me 15k             profits each), how much will that amount to? Simple Arithmetic says: 2,000*N5000=N1,000,000. Don’t let this blow your mind, because it is happening. This is not a cooked-up story. This is a reality. In fact, let me shock you more. This is different from the commission the company pays every month. That is the meat itself. Get me right please. I am not guaranteeing anyone who joins of becoming an instant millionaire. This is not a any Ponzi scheme. But if you are dedicated to work and are determined, this can be the easiest thing ever. And this can repeat itself months after months. In fact, there is huge potential for more sales with your super-targeted traffic. Always remember that quality traffic is the root of any successful online venture. More on traffic later.  
  1. An Online Payment System.
online physical products businessThe world is now a global village. I should be able to sit in my room, order for a product from anywhere in the world, pay with my card, and have it delivered to my address. For your online physical products business to be fully functional, you must work with a company that allows you order for products online without having to visit the bank or warehouse in person. That’s the truth.  
  1. A System that Captures Your Website’s Visitors and Help Follow-up on them
Have you heard the expression “The money is in the list” before? This simply means that you can make money when you build a list of your prospective customers. Let me explain this: online-physical-products-business A person may like your offer after reading about it on your website or blog, but doesn’t have the cash at that moment. What do you do? Forget about him? Never. He is a potential customer. Your system should be able to capture his details, such as name, email, and sometimes, phone number. Do you know why? You will need to continually send him educating follow-up messages about your offer. In the process, is built, he sees you as an authority in your field, and eventually buys from you. Are you thinking this is hard? There is a software that makes things very easy for you. And anyone can use it. More on this later.
  1. A reliable delivery system
Granted, people now believe in online things and pay online. But the fact remains that some are still skeptical and will NEVER pay a dime before receiving their products. online physical products businessDo you blame them? This is Nigeria for you. But that should not close up your online physical products business. Your system should be able to accommodate this set of customers. If you have bought anything from sites like Jumia, Konga, etc, you’ll understand this point. All you need is to show interest in the product you want to buy, fill a simple form with your personal information, and the item gets delivered to you in a matter of days. In fact, your customers don’t have to pay until their product is delivered. That is how a good system works. And that is essential to building a sustainable Online Physical Product Business. Relax, I will show you how our company does this without stress.   In my next blog post, I will describe the tools needed to succeed in your online physical products business, and show you some examples. If you have enjoyed this article, please share with others. Should there be any question or contribution, feel free to use the comment box below.




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