IS ANY MORE MONEY NEEDED AFTER THE OPPM MANUAL? of the questions I get asked most is that: After paying for the OPPM Manual, do I need any more money to start my business? I will like to use this article to clarify the issue once and for all. Let me start by mentioning that I will not be economical with the truth or hide some details just for you to buy the manual, only to later find out something different from my claim. No, that won’t be fair at all. I value my reputation much more than the token. The essence of the 3 days free training sent to your mail is to help you understand what exactly you will need to fully start your business. And at the end, you can personally decide whether to join or not. So, to answer that question straight, I will say “yes.” You certainly need some money to get started but you won’t be paying this to anyone, not even me. The manual teaches YOU exactly what to do and how to do it, but the responsibility of paying for the services is yours. As mentioned, these services include registering and hosting your website or blog, advertising your products online for thousands to see at once (which must CERTAINLY bring in sales), and buying products to deliver to your customers via our courier company. So, while the manual provides the training to start, you have to pay for the necessary services to project you as ready for the business.

Let Us Illustrate This… scenario is similar to a man that has just learnt a trade, say tailoring. Having spent money to get trained, does he need money to set up his business fully? The answer is yes. He must buy his machines, rent a shop, pay for the rent, tell people about what he does, sew for customers, and deliver to them. So, the key issue here is to see this as a REAL business venture, not a trial and error type of thing. I will confidently tell you that this works, and you only need to see the response you will get after your first advert to appreciate what we are saying here. You have no choice than to make sales and get back your money almost immediately, as long as people still get sick and many healthy ones can do anything to be healthier and beautiful. So stop spending all your time thinking if this will work or not. While this is normal to do, do not spend the whole year doing that. With this information, your fortune or otherwise is now in your hands.

Can We Estimate How Much Is  Needed After The Training?

As an insider, I can give a rough estimate of what is needed to start. But note that this can be adjusted according to your resources. Let me break them down below:
  1. Blog or Website: N5,000 and above.
You need to register your own domain name and host it. This is renewed annually. The cost varies. While I recommend a hosting plan of N5,000 upwards, there are cheaper plans that will also serve you well. The higher the cost, the more the size gigabyte of disk space you are allocated, the more the functionalities.
  1. Advertising Cost: N15,000 to N105,000
This too varies, but for a quicker result that will leave your mouth open in surprise, I recommend between N55,000 to N105,000. With this method, you can get 5 days’ result in a day or 2. On a low budget, a Facebook ad of $5 a day for 10 days is about N15,000. Though it takes time, it also yields good result. That will require you having an ATM card that can do online transaction. You can find out from Access bank, GTB, UBA, First Bank, or get a free Payoneer card here at
  1. Cost of Buying Products to Deliver to Customers: N25,000 to 50,000
Imagine a customer has seen my advert online and is ready to buy the product. And he calls to make a request for service only for me to beg him to wait for a week or 2, so I can find money to use in buying the product I will send to him. What do you think will happen? I am on the verge of losing a customer. Don’t make that mistake please. Make sure you have money to buy the product because you will start getting demands almost immediately, if you follow my training. In fact, keep money to buy 2 or 3 packs of the product you are promoting to avoid disappointment. I want to believe that the above clarification will be helpful in getting you started as soon as possible. Should there be other concerns or questions, feel free to use the comment box below to share them. I will be there to attend to them as fast as possible. To  your OPPM Success




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