How I Make Good Income From Selling Other Peoples’ Products

From time to time, I get mails from people who read my articles and who want me to advise them on what profitable businesses to do on a part-time basis without interfering with their normal day’s job.

Their plan is to build such side business to a point where they can leave the ‘rat race’ or their day’s job and focus on the business.

Last week alone, I got 9 of such mails from my subscribers after asking them where they need help in their businesses.

And many of the responses were from men and women who are interested in a profitable business they can start asap with small capital. See one of them

If the example above describes you, I implore you to read the remaining part of this piece with all seriousness because you are about to discover something that you will forever be grateful to have come across today.

My Best Business Recommendation For You

If you are on my mentorship list, you know that I do many lovely businesses such as e-commerce (or mini-importation), information product marketing, network marketing, agribusiness training, etc.

But if I were to recommend a profitable business for a busy mom, an employee, or a student who only has about 3 hours a day and a startup capital of N30,000 to N50.000 to spare, I would recommend Affiliate Marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products.

Put simpler, you join an affiliate company you like, promote your choice products, and earn a commission for each sale that you make.

And the commission can be as high as 40% to 80% of the product cost.

In many cases, you can even use the same marketing materials that person created to sell the product and get paid.

Let me tell you a short story so you can understand this well

In March 2018. I was invited by Impact Business Radio (IBR) in Ibadan for an agribusiness training on the cultivation of watermelon, cucumber and oil palm. (That is actually one of the areas where my passion lies)

And the following week, I was to do the same training in Okota area of Lagos.

After the Ibadan session, one of my students approached me and requested that he promotes my Lagos training for the following week to his Whatsapp and Facebook groups, for a commission.

Reluctantly, I consented to paying him 40% commission on each attendee he convinces to attend the training.

The training fee was #25,000. So, I would pay him #10,000 per participant he brings in.

But deep inside, I expected no result from him because the program would hold within just one week.

But I was pleasantly surprised…

Within the next 4 days, 5 people already paid for the training through his campaign. And by the day of the training, he got 3 more, persons to attend from his advert.

That’s a total of 8.

He was greatly delighted to receive a credit alert of #80,000 but the truth is, I happier because I already made an extra, clean and legit #120,000 I never struggled so hard for.

He was not an expert in that field, yet he profited hugely from the program. Same way, I never knew those participants he recommended my training to, yet they gladly paid for my training.

The experience I just related above describes how Affiliate Marketing simply works.

In my case above, the young man was an affiliate while I was the vendor.

The product promoted was my training. but the product you will market can be any digital product like eBook, video course, software, etc,

And for recommending the product, he was rewarded with affiliate commission.

All Affiliate Marketing businesses follow these simple steps

  1. Register with an affiliate marketing company
  2. Select a hot and appealing product your audience will need. For example, if your audience is made up of ladies/women, products such as “How to Lose Belly Fat in 28 Days Using Nigerian Foods,” or products on getting pregnant, curing fibroid, etc are hot ideas with ever-ready buyers
  3. Advertise and build relationship with your audience
  4. Make sales and
  5. Earn commissions

I recommend the Affiliate Marketing business model because

  • You don’t need a lot of money to start (You can start with even N30,000)
  • The market for digital products is HUGE and UNLIMITED (you will never run out of products to sell)
  • You don’t need to create or import the product
  • You don’t need a shop or office or staff
  • You don’t need to register a business
  • It is not time-consuming
  • And the profits can be fast and crazy. You can earn a CEO salary when you understand how this model works.

As you can see, your business is to recommend the product and make money, but this business is not for unserious or broke people.

You need capital to start. That is what makes it a business.

But the good thing is that you can turn your capital into a lot of profits within a few weeks if you use a proven system and follow the advice of this success coach, Tony Robbins who says…

Talking about someone who has achieved a result and has a track record of success, permit me to invite you to the same guy who taught me the proven system I use to profit from Affiliate Marketing.

His name is Toyin Omotoso

Who is Toyin Omotoso and Why Should You Listen to Him?

I do not know if you know this guy or not, but I can assure you that he is one of the foremost, most trusted, result-oriented internet marketers in Nigeria.

Just google “Toyin Omotoso” and you will understand what I mean when I say he has a track record of success. 

Hear what others have to say about Toyin…

Or hear from one of the pioneer internet marketers in Nigeria how is now a serving senator…

And some of Toyin’s students are stay at home moms and some are people with employment who just want a better life

This business is straightforward but many people still fail at it because they don’t understand how it works.

I want you to succeed with this and that is why I want you to watch this intensive 1 hour+ video training by the expert tutor himself (Toyin Omotoso).

This is where he explains how you can start affiliate marketing business and make it profitable within a few weeks.

This Video Training Will Show You:

  • How to secure 2 years free membership to the affiliate network while others pay #10,000 per annum.
  • How to identify and select hot products that sell like crazy
  • How to design an effective online system for selling your hot digital products
  • How to design you’re your website for marketing your products. This skill alone can generate another income stream for you when you master it.
  • How to run profitable Facebook advert that bring buyers to you like a charm
  • How to generate huge traffic using banner advertising
  • 3 ready-made done-for-you campaign to get you started in a matter of 3 days
  • My personal support
  • And many more…

Of course, this business isn’t for everyone.

But if you really want to take this serious, I would recommend that you watch this video training from Toyin Omotoso

Click Here to access the video training.

One more thing…

In case you are having doubts about if this business model will work for you or not, my answer to that is – IT WILL WORK FOR YOU

As long as you follow the simple rules that Mr. Toyin explains in the video above

Looking for a simple online business with guaranteed result?

This training is all you need to start making extra side income from other peoples’ products.

And you are doing it without having to sit down in a shop waiting for customers.

Instead, customers will be the ones to contact you.

It is now your decision to make.

Watch the video training to get started.

I can only wish you all the very best…



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