How Am I Sure Affiliate Marketing Will Work For Me?

This is one of the questions I get asked most times by my readers who show interest in the 72 Hours Income Generator Program.

They want proofs. They need to see enough basis for investing in the program. That is very normal because you do not invest in a business you do not know details about.

In this post, I will endeavour to answer this question and many more by providing sound, logical reasons why the program is the best you can invest in as of today.

We will look at how possible it is for even someone new to internet marketing to get the system set up and running in just 3 days. In case you do not know, that is why the program is called 72 Hours Income Generator (72IG).


1. People Are Getting Amazing Result With 72IG

Here below are a few comments from other students of the 72IG course. A good number of them are raking in good cash




From the testimonies above, you will understand that some of the students were new to affiliate marketing, but within a few days, struck their first sale.

You would also have noticed that the course is a total internet training package, not just affiliate marketing.

This is because it touches email marketing, advertising, traffic generation, landing pages design (web design), copy-writing, etc

You will NEVER get this complete package elsewhere and I am sure Mr Toyin will increase the price soon.

If you pick the 72 Hours Income Generator today, you will be privileged to join my inner room training to be held on Saturday, June 22nd.

The main task of the training is to ensure that you make your first sale within 3 to 7 days of purchase and add your testimonial to my website so others can learn from you.

 2. Three Best-Selling Campaigns to Use Immediately (FREE)

This is the number 1 reason why you should not miss this offer. Let me explain what these 3 campaigns involve.

If you are setting up an online marketing campaign for any product, there are key elements that must be ready. These include:

  1. Pre-sell articles: This is what the prospect reads to have an idea of what you are offering. If you do not have this in your marketing, you will end up with failed advert. This alone costs more than                                                                                 
  2. Opt-in pages: When your prospect decides to see your offer, this is where he gives you his personal details like name, email, and sometimes phone number.                                                                                                                                         Ask any web designer or internet marketing pro to professional to design an opt-in page for you, you will be surprised at how much they will charge you.                                                           
  3. Ten Email Follow-up Series: The moment you get his email address, you must have captivating and attention emails to send to them so they see reasons why they should buy from you.                                                                                                                                                                                             Do you know that some top copywriters charge as high as #7000 per mail if they are hired? You can do the Math to know the cost of 10 emails.                                                                                                                                                        Powerful Facebook Ads: Your main traffic source is Facebook. But you must learn to craft converting ads and this is a skill that grows with training and practice.                                                                                                                Imagine having Facebook ads for the 3 best-selling products ready for use. I mean Facebook ads written by Toyin himself. That’s a goldmine you cannot afford to miss.

With these ready campaigns, a newbie who knows nothing about internet marketing can pick up this course, study the 5 video modules and the associated resources, then 72 hours later, have his money generator set up and running.

This is wow…

3. Two Years Free Expertnaire Membership

Expertnaire is the affiliate network where high quality products can be assessed and promoted to earn commission.

I love Expertnaire because the products there are top-notch and come with good marketing materials. However, it costs #10,000 to join.

I personally paid #10,000 for this last year, and I will pay another one later this year.

But you are fortunate because your enrolling on 72IG program gives you not just 1 but 2 years free membership.

That is free #20,000 for you. In fact, it is as if you are buying this incredible course for just #10,000. Unbelievable!

4. Get Your Money Back

Toyin Omotoso is one of the few marketers in Africa that does this.

However, he hardly does any refund because Toyin’s product will exceed your expectation.

But it is allowed. How?

If you get the 72IG course, and after 4 months of implementing it and you get no result, you can request for a refund.

Even at that, you can keep the training material and still get your refund in full.

No question asked. You get back your money. But you need to show evidence that you
followed the instruction and you got no result.

5. Over #400,000 in Total Value

Yes, that is about the total package value. See the picture here to see the total breakdown.

If you think this is another gimmick to make you pay for another crappy course, I leave you to investigate these claims and make your decision.

My Advise For You Is…

If you are interested in a reliable, result-oriented internet marketing training, that is down to earth that even a 7 year old kid can understand, go for 72IG.

And if you buy here, I will be paid a commission. I like to be transparent about this to all.

It will be a wise choice to buy through my affiliate link because I provide superb support to everyone on my buyers’ list.

As an experienced internet marketer myself, I can assure you that you will get result quicker if you have one holding you by the hands every step of the way.

And that is what I do. I will tell you more about this in my coming post.



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