Here Is A Simple-to-Operate Online Business That Puts An Extra N200k-N300k Into Your Bank Account in Just 30 Days?"

Dear friend,

If you genuinely want to lay your hands on an online business system that can fetch you as high as N500k in a month even if you prefer to work from should pay attention to this letter

Here Is Why...

My name is Joe Oguntola and over the past 2 years, I have been making extra money selling physical health products online.


As a matter of fact, I have sold and delivered thousands of physical products to hundreds of customers without having to know or meet them in person. Yet, I get paid into my Nigeria bank account.


And guess what? There are hundreds of products I have sold that I have never seen with my eyes, except their pictures. This is because the whole process, from ordering to delivery is purely automated.


 The beautiful part is that I do not have a single employee to help me run this simple business. It sounds crazy but it works and I love it.

A few Days Ago...

I paid for an online advert to be run for one of my products on a popular Nigerian blog. I only realized that the ad has been published when I started getting series of calls from different clients who wanted the products asap.

On that single day, I got 7 orders, and they were all delivered to the customers in 4 different Nigeria states in less than 48 hours. Yet, I neither set my eyes on the customer nor the products. Yet, I delivered the products and got paid same day

That is the beauty of our online selling system

I did not tell you that my retail profit on a single product was over 12k.

That's over N84,000 in a few hours 

In fact, as I write this, several packs of that product and others have been sold by my numerous team members and I, and with very juicy profits. 

I just forgot to tell you something again...

 The retail profits we make from the sales of our products is just a tip of an iceberg, compared to the monthly commission paid by the company. This is where the real meat is.

If you do not believe, here are more screenshots below to prove my case  


Would You Like to Know How to
Make Money From Selling Physical Products Online?


If your answer is YES, then I have good news for you... 

The good news is that...

 There Is A Huge Potential In Online Marketing 

Selling physical items is a small segment of the huge digital information marketing industry that is...


Valued at $62 Billion Dollars
and Increasing...

... according to a report released last year by the  US Direct Marketing Association

My question for you now is:

 "Are You READY?"

  • Are you ready to make more money so that you can live more comfortably?

  • Are you ready to make more money so that you no longer have to worry about how to take better care of your family?

  • Are you ready to make more money so that you can have enough capital to create more businesses that you want?

  • Are you ready to stop relying on a monthly pay cheque that is almost never enough?

  • Are you ready to stop depending on other people and become someone that others look up to for support?

  • Are you ready to start a new business that is guaranteed business of earning you your first N150k to N500k without necessarily leaving your current job?


If your answer is YES, then I want to introduce you to the amazing online course that I created that will TURN you into a master of creating and making continuous cash from selling physical health products from home, using the internet.


By the time you are through with this OnlineMarketing course and you are serious about it, you will be able to easily start a business that is capable of bringing in an extra:

 N50k Per Month 

N100k Per Month

 N200k Per Month

 N250k Per Month

 N600k Per Month


 How much you'll eventually earn solely depends on you.


The Online Physical Products Marketing (OPPM) Course

If you would like to join the few people who are ready to master the OPPM cash system, then this is your opportunity to do so.

I have created a step by step course that teaches you ALL you need to start physical health products without leaving your bedroom, and in the process, make MEGA profits...

This is going to be an in-depth training that is going to be delivered to you online in form of PDFs and videos.

There will also be a dedicated Facebook Group and Whatsapp Group where you can post questions and get answers to them from me and other members of my team.

Let me quickly show you some unsolicited remarks from some online marketers who now make extra income from this same system:

I know you still have questions at the back of your mind as regards this course so here are my answers to some of the frequently asked questions about this course.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Online Physical Products Sales Course

Q1. What is this OPPM All About?

Basically, it involves selling health and beauty products online. Perhaps you are already scared because I mentioned "selling." I will be frank with you here. 

There are tens of thousands of methods to make money. But there is a foundational truth you need to understand: All the methods require the ability to sell for them to be successful.

See, people who succeed at any business either know how to sell or they hire someone who knows how to bring in sales and customers.

Once you master the art of selling, you can use it in any industry. And in any country.


Q2. Where Do I Get Health Products to Market? 

After a thorough and careful research, we selected a reputable US based company to partner with. They have offices evertwhere around the world, including Nigeria.

This is a multi-billion dollar, life-changing company that manufactures and sells hundreds of wellness and beauty products that are unsurpassed in quality.


Q3. Do I Have to Hawk or Run After Customers?

Not at all. In fact, with our online selling system, you never will. This company operates based on the Network Marketing Model, but with a mind-blowing difference. 

With this system, you don't talk to anyone about your business.  In fact, you don't look for customers, they look for you instead.

You don't disturb relatives or colleagues at work about your business.

Selling of these physical products and recruiting are done purely online. 

In fact, you don't have to visit the office to order for products. It is done online. And, you don't even do delivery yourself. FedEx courier and some other logistic companies handle that.

Can you now see why it's possible to sell even without seeing the customer or the product?



Q4. How Soon Can I Start Getting Results?


I will admit that when you are new to something, you need some time to get good at it before you can start to expect great results.

The same applies for the OPPM System

 If you are completely new to selling and making money online, you will definitely need some time to take off, but the important thing that will get you results here is TAKING ACTION. 

If you take the things that I teach you and you put them into action as soon as possible, I can guarantee that you will be making money within the next 30 to 45 days 

If you don't, that means you are not doing anything or you are doing something wrong. And I will be there to guide you.

Q5. How And Where Will I Be Getting My Training?

 You will receive your training through email, and via our dedicated WhatsApp group. The training will be presented in PDF and video format.


If you live in or around Lagos or Benin City, live trainings are also held in these locations.

Q6. How Am I Sure This Is Not a Scam?

Most of the people who ask this question definitely do not know what a scam looks like. This is not a scam but if it resembles one to you, then that mean it is clearly not for you.

If you have seen all the proofs on this page and this still looks like a scam to you, then you should leave this page immediately. Period!

Just to tell you what this training is worth, here are what people are saying about my package:

Joe Okoro, a top Internet Marketing Expert in Nigeria


"...He Will Personally Ensure That You Succeed!"-

Joseph is a great leader. I have watched him grow business from scratch to where it is now.

 The most impressive thing about him is that he truly cares about the success of the people he works with


He will personally ensure that you succeed, giving you all the help, assistance and moral support you need to be as successful as they are.

Joseph has grown a wonderful team, simply because he the most powerful online selling system which helps him sell products like hot cakes.

Learning from him will give you the privileged opportunity to use the same system to fast track your own success in few weeks.

I recommend him whole-heartedly.

So, How Much Does It Cost to Have Full Access to The Online Physical Products Marketing Course?

Let me ask you something.

There are a lot of jobless graduates out there right now.

Some of them studied courses like...French, Linguistics, MicroBiology, Banking and Finance, Computer Science, Botany and EVEN Medicine!

Can You Guess the Average
Amount These Graduates Spent
to Get That Degree?

Or what about the various professional courses that people pay as high as N400,000 to enroll for and they are never taught anything about making money for themselves?

I am just making these references so that you can have a good idea of what you are getting here. You are getting a course that will show you how you can make good money yourself online without any employee or some huge capital.

So, if you say N200,000, we both know that it is worth far more than that.

But you won't be paying N200,000.

You won't even be paying N50,000 as well.

You won't even be paying N20, least for now.

In order to ensure that as many serious people get access to this online training, I have decided to fix the registration price at a low cost of N10,000


But I have a BIG SURPRISE PACKAGE for you and the next few persons to see this?

For the next 50 Persons

I will be Giving Out this Entire Course for Just


On Just 1 Condition:

You will have the entire course, including all the videos for just N5999 but you must be ready to give an honest review of the course.

The actual plan was to make it free for the first 50 fast action takers in exchange for their feedback.

But I have found out that people don't take any free stuff seriously. After all, their sweat did't go into it, even if that's all they needed to move to the next level

Therefore, I have fixed a measly N5,999 so that just anyone anywhere will not blame poverty or recession for being unable to afford it.

But, this won't last for long

This will be only for the first 50 action takers. After that time out, the package will be sold for N10,000, and more.

What will you do? Get it almost free now, or delay to get it for N10,000?


Whatever you do, I hope you make the right decisions because that is what matters the most.

If you decide to put this aside and not start now, you should be very sure that by the time you come back, the price has gone up.

How To Order Now 

Pay CASH or Do Online Transfer of 5,990 to:

GT Bank: 0031992027, Account Name: Joseph Oguntola.  (NB: If you would like to pay into another bank different from GT Bank, send me an SMS) to get other bank details)

Then, follow the instructions thereafter:

After making the payment, make sure you send your payment details to me through sms to: 08141612525  and Email to:

The subject of the email should be "Paid For OPPM Report".

The payment details you are to send are:

1. Your Full Name
2. Amount paid & Bank paid
3. Teller Number (No need for this if you paid via internet banking)
4. Date Of Payment
5. Your Phone Number
6. Your email address

As soon as your payment is confirmed from the bank, your pack will be processed for delivery immediately.

PLEASE NOTE - As soon as your payment is confirmed, you will receive an SMS acknowledgment from me. Your Report will be delivered to your email within 24 hours

You have two choices right before you now. The first is to take action now and start waiting for the result.

The second is to leave. The choice is yours.


This is your Online Physical Products Sales Coach.


2348141612525 (Whatsapp, SMS, Call)

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